Wednesday, September 24, 2014

fun fabric play

I pinned the fabric from the book Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus several months ago.
(It's a fun book , but not one of our favorite favorites; I'm not suggesting you run out and buy it, you understand)

Thanks to one of Lee's Work in Progress sponsors a few weeks ago,
it was on sale, so I snapped up a half yard of every DLtPDtB fabric available in the shop.
 (I didn't want to lose money on it ;-)

As soon as I got it (which was wicked fast!) I hopped on and combed through their selection of organic fabrics
 (the DLtPDtB is also organic. I'm hoping to sell the quilt, so I thought all organic might be nice. But, as you'll see, I sorta mucked that up...)
and purchased a few that I thought would go,
including 1 1/2 yards of cheater print (blocks were bigger than I anticipated, pooh!) to use as my back.

The package with those fabrics arrived on Friday,
but I was so busy it didn't even get opened until Sunday.
I pulled them out, grabbed my previous stack of DLtPDtB fabrics,
and laid them out to see how they'd play together.
Two of my selections got vetoed, but the rest were perfect together.
I pet them,
and rearranged the stack, and set it aside.

Monday evening, while soup was simmerring on the stove, I cut into them,
just one simple 5" strips of  each of the twelve fabrics.
Which should have taken no time at all,
but 4 of the fabrics were waayy out of whack and took a good bit of time to properly straighten. 

Not counting the squaring up time
(I didn't feel like it was fair to include that labor in the price)
from first cut to final starching,
I had a quilt top in 2 hours and 25 minutes!

But then I decide it was too bland,
and I spent every spare second (and some not-exactly-spare seconds... ;-) yesterday
making a couple of pigeons to add.

It's no longer an all organic quilt, 
but gosh, it's cute! if I do say so myself :-)
and I had a lot of fun making it.

Sometimes simple
 is good.

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  1. the addition of the pigeons was the perfect touch, great top!

  2. ummm, this fabric is seriously way too cute!!!

  3. it is super cute!!! and sometimes, simple is best!! love you!!!!

  4. Cute fabric. The two pigeons appliques add just the right touch.

  5. It certainly made me smile. Lovely.

  6. Those pigeons really add a whole lot of fun to the quilt - excellent choice. It's wonderful when fabrics you have ordered online end up working well together.

  7. ADORABLE!! really cute!! another hit!
    love and Blessings!


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