Friday, March 18, 2016

I made a washcloth!

Never mind that it's tiny...

This time around, learning to knit
has been much less awkward feeling 

I have no clue why that would be.

a real knitter watching me
would probably still find it quite awkward indeed.)

Lily and Josiah have joined in the learning,
but so far
they are still at the 
starting over every few stitches stage.

I won't be giving up my sewing,
but it has been invigorating
to learn something new.

and, hey, look!
I made a washcloth!!


  1. Your adventures are almost enough to inspire me to pick up my needles. My grandmother knitted beautiful sweaters for my brother and me, and then for my children. I love the idea of doing that for my grandchildren, but don't have the skills. Yet. It could happen!

  2. YOUR eagerness to try knew things is so inspiring to me, Carole ~ of course it could happen! :-)

  3. Congratulations, learning a new skill and creating something useful -win/win :)

  4. I love knitted dishcloths! Good on you for learning something new :)


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