Wednesday, August 30, 2017

down to the river

Last Wednesday,
after a squabble about what we should have for lunch,
I up and decided we were having a picnic at the river.

It had been waaaay too long since we'd been.

I've often thought it would be neat 
to return weekly to the same place
and observe changes in nature.

I've never planned it, though,

is a big commitment.

I decided that this might be the year.

And the river might be the place.

And even if we don't always make it to the river weekly,

if I at least make it a (soft) goal,

we'll make it occasionally.

And occasionally

is better 

than never.


We went back today
and I didn't bring my camera,
but my goodness, I wish I would have!! 

The river was sooo much lower than it was
just last week!

This is going to be fun.

go to the river 𑂽 Check!


  1. This seems to be a wonderful place and it looks like you all had a gorgeous time there together!

  2. Looks like a fabulous spot, lots of interesting things to look at and photograph.


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