Friday, December 22, 2017

a quilt for Corban K

This is my final 
sewing-machine-earner of the year.

It will be a young man's main Christmas gift,
so I'm thankful that I managed to squeeze in a finish
in the nick of time
(hee hee - Nick of time.
Saint Nick.....
oh - never mind.)

I've never been shy about my feelings
when it comes to making t-shirt quilts.

They are 
 not anywhere 
on my list of favorite things to make.

when that is how God chooses to provide me
with an opportunity
to earn money for another sewing machine,
I will gratefully cut up and stabilize the darn shirts
and make them into a quilt,
honored that folks see fit to trust me with their treasures.

I gave my client a generous
 'single moms are super heroes' discount,
because goodness
those gals have my sincere admiration!

I worked really hard to keep the materials cost
as low as possible,
but they still added up to $97.
Even so,
 I earned *almost* enough for 1 1/2 machines

When I add that to the money I had left 
I'll be able to give 2 😊

Instead of using interfacing,
after deconstructing the t-shirts,
I stabilized them with undiluted liquid starch
after doing a quick search to see if there was any reason 
that shouldn't be done.

After some    ummm    experimentation,
I arrived at a method 
which was ever so much less time consuming

I'm very pleased with the results of starch vs interfacing,
though in the future I would 
either triple-starch the thin super soft Old Navy shirts,
or go ahead and actually interface them 
instead of starching,
because they did want to move a bit still.

I spent hours trying to come up with the perfect quilting plan,
I knew I'd found it.
I added treble clefs 
and an occasional music note
to make it even more perfect.

After a bit of practice,
first with pencil and paper
and then the machine,
I loaded my machine (both needle and bobbin)
with Bottom Line #622
and started my workout quilting.

This quilt
was an absolute beast.
(before I had to take off the 2 1/2 inch outer border
(which I did after quilting)
due to some bad jujumagumbo,
it measured 88 x 110)

Because it was so heavy
(6.8 lbs after trimming!)
I couldn't make large movements at all
and had to quilt it twice as densely as I'd planned.

I bound it with this great stripe
which I thought finished things off really nicely.

I sewed it onto the back first, 
then pressed and glue-basted
and stitched it down to the front
by machine.

Thanks, Jessica, for partnering with me
to help change and save lives 💗
and trusting me with your boy's memories.

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  1. just finished my first and last ... never AGAIN ..
    your's is great!

  2. I'm the same, hate t shirt quilts! You did a great job for a good cause. I like your idea with the starch, I'll have to try that if I ever make another.

  3. You did a great job on this beast of a quilt!! I'm intrigued by the stabilization method that you used. May have to try that on my next T-quilt!


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