Tuesday, August 27, 2019

like mother; like daughter

We were playing six dice,
and when it wasn't her turn,
Lily stayed busy
 making a fluffy jacket for her Barbie doll.

Tyler mentioned that Lexi plays just like him,
and Lily said, "I play like Mom"
which I thought was odd -
because she takes more risks than I do,
and has been known to say,
"It's only a game"
and we all know 
I'm just a tad too competitive to say that.

"How do you figure?" 
I asked.

"I sew while I play."

As Andrina would say,

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  1. Sweet! I love this. Lily has a very good mentor-mother. Sometimes I think of all that you get done and how you must fit it in as you can, and it inspires me. :)


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