Wednesday, November 4, 2009

beauty in the rough

Tyler and I have talked
about how important beauty is to our well-being
but we'd never really realized it before.
Spending my days in this ugly (really ugly!) house
has made me even more aware of my need
to be surrounded by beauty.
I wouldn't have considered that a need before
but I sure do now.
(I still argue with myself over this - I shouldn't need to look at lovely things
sure, I like to - but to need to? It almost feels like a character flaw to me.
but, alas, that is where I am right now.)
That's probably why I've been more diligent
to 'do art' even though I don't feel competent in that area.
In learning about art and artists
we are bringing more beauty into our home.
Ann writes often about beauty
and recently concluded that
God is everywhere
is everywhere.
We need only to look for it.
What can you find that is beautiful today?


  1. Your "ugly house" is filled with beauty! Just look at all those living in it!

  2. I agree with Terri on that one!

    Just look at those beaming eyes. That beauty alone should melt the coldest heart.

    In our busy world we often forget to make eye contact with those we encounter. Do we forget to make 'eye contact' with our Creator too?

    (I once read a study about the 'need' to make eye contact within the first 10 minutes of waking up every day. Anyone know about it??)

  3. I love going to your house! It is warm, comfortable,filled with creativity. In her book, The Spirit of Loveliness, Emilie Barnes states that her home is a home (not a "house beautiful") is filled with the spirt of loveliness, the spirit of warmth and caring. ..." Your house should be "a home that is warm and welcoming, comfortable and freeing - a place where you can express the uniqueness of your God-given talents and nurture your relationships with people you love. You are hungry for a home - and a life - that renews your soul and reflects your personality. A life that glows with a spirit of loveliness."

    Your house is filled with a spirit of Loveliness - and it reflects your personality... We love you Girl!

  4. you are all very sweet
    and I love you

  5. I think maybe wanting to be surrounded by beauty *can* be an idol, but in itself is a very natural, and I think God-given desire.
    Kinda like food is good and necessary, but we can be gluttons.
    Anyways, I think people NEED beautiful things to see. I think that's why God made a beautiful world.
    Beautiful things:
    Aiden smiling as he goes to sleep
    Aiden's crazy hair and big blue eyes that look like his daddy's.
    the yellow tree across the street
    the tree at the park that was covered in red leaves
    the little kids at the park that used their arms to pile the leaves up into a big mound
    the red sun yesterday evening
    the red paint and coordinating shower curtain in my bathroom
    our wedding pictures which I will put up in our bedroom soon (that was a beautiful wedding, and wedding dress, all thanks to you mom. And Dad. And my hardworking long suffering brothers. And Aunt Terri! Beautiful flowers!)

    umm there's more but your beautiful grandson is wanting to nurse and then I think he's gonna sleep long...

  6. this is so true! hi Trac! sorry it's been so long.. but somehow, i lost connection to your blog it just stopped following you. :( i finally figured it out, and found you again. :) that sweet baby has GROWN!! anyway.. hope all is well with you and yours!


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