Wednesday, November 11, 2009

next time - La Fiesta

I really wanted to go out to eat tonight.
I'd left some of the dishes and pans from last night
(I know - always leave the sink shiny...)
add in all the dishes and pans of today
and I was still cleaning the kitchen at 6:30 tonight.
I really didn't want to go messing up the kitchen again.
we'd already blown
our eating-out budget (and then some) Saturday.
The envelope was beyond empty.
Grocery money's been going fast,
I didn't figure I could squeeze out an extra $30.
Gas - how could I finagle this as a 'gas' purchase?
(I was pining for Mexican...)
I almost talked myself into using some of the 'blessing money'
but blessing myself just seemed a bit wrong.
I dutifully put away the dishes I'd just washed
so I could get to the mill & mixer
and set about making dinner -
meximelts on homemade tortillas
with rice and Nate's fabulous green salsa.

Somewhere in the making of dinner
Brandon stepped on a fork
in just the right(?) way
that it punctured his toe.
To make matters worse,
some of the skin was pushed up into the wound.
I called my momma.
I cried.
He cried.
He soaked his foot all through dinner.
We both quit crying.
Mom said we probably needed to take him to the ER
We've been to the ER
once already this past month.
It wasn't a pleasant experience.
We haven't even paid for that visit yet.
I knew it would hurt like the dickens to get that skin out, though.
I was going to try numbing it with clove oil.
Tyler said I may have to cut the skin
then pull the piece out.
Do you people think I am made of steel?
(Lana thought I might do an at-home circumcision for Aiden;
no worries - she had a book I could use detailing the procedure)
We sterilized the needle and tweezers
and placed the clove oil soaked cotton ball on his foot.
And then we got him ready to go to the hospital;
there was no way
either Tyler or I would be able to inflict the pain
pulling that piece of skin out would cause.
Clove oil is good, but I don't know that it's that good.
Next time,
we're going to La Fiesta;
it'd a been a whole lot cheaper
and a bunch more fun
than a trip to the ER


  1. well, you DO have the strongest nerves of anyone I know, that's all.
    And Luke comes right up there too.
    And hey Luke was thinking he might be able to do a circumcision.
    Until he just about fainted when I took my blood sugar and got pretty squeamish when looking at the instructions, and by then I knew you wouldn't either. So when I 'suggested' it I wasn't REALLY suggesting it.
    Just so you know.

    Anyways, I cannot believe that Brandon had to take another trip to the ER... :( Poor kiddo. You should just go ahead and get him some crutches or a wheelchair now, if he's gonna keep hurting that foot! (those feet? which one was it this time?)

    got plenty of tylenol for him? need anything I can get/do?

  2. same foot....

    ohh- I am soo irritated! they aren't going to do anything but give him antibiotics. he has a piece of skin folded back & stuck up under other skin. Dr said he'd never heard of pulling skin out before uh-huh well - I doubt he's ever seen an injury quite like this before. I sure didn't send him to the ER for an ANTIBIOTIC. sorry - getting mad, here.

  3. Oh no, just when you had nothing else to think about..ha.. Poor Brandon, it might be less painful to wear shoes ; )

    ((Hugs)), keep lookin' up!

  4. yeah dad might tape shoes to my feet >o

  5. LOl, I think Abigail is right.
    haha brandon, that might not be a bad idea :)

    Yeah mom, that's frustrating...

  6. Although, if I recall right, the first time he WAS wearing something on his feet! Must be that he just has magnets on his feet, or something!


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