Tuesday, November 10, 2009

open mouth, insert foot

"You shouldn't say that;
it sounds like you're tempting God," Tyler told me last week
when I told him I could not get sick right now.
That it would put me over the edge.
I spent about a third of the summer sick
- which is totally unlike me -
and that
coupled with some other stressful issues
being home - alone - (while sick...) with the little ones
while Tyler, Tony and Brandon
put in a collective 500+hours on Luke & Lana's house
'bout did me in.
I'm still in recovery mode;
one step forward
and three steps back
lots of days.
it makes perfect sense
that I do not want to get sick.

So far this week
I've got 3 sick kiddos.
As my friend Susie would say, they're droppin' like flies.
To say I'm hoping I'm not next
would be an understatement.
I really didn't mean to test God!

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  1. Oh, so sorry! I hope the kids get better soon, and that you won't get sick. You probably have that feeling of dread when one gets sick in the house, and you dread being next... Praying for you! ((HUGS))


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