Sunday, November 15, 2009

a quick fix

I've said it far too many times,
"Stupid people should be shot."
And yet
more and more often
I'm finding that
am one of the stupid people.
My entire life
I have been plagued with a problem,
Lana has, too - a lovely gift from my mother:
a waist to hip ratio that few clothing manufacturers recognize.
That is to say
-with rare exception-
if something fits in the rear
the waist is huge.
Given that we three also share a
comfort over fashion
a cute belt just doesn't do the trick.
I found a pair of like-new Lee jeans at a yardsale for a dollar.
One of the few brands that sometimes fits decently.
Seeing that I'm pretty desperate for jeans right now
-owning all of 1 pair that fits anywhere-
I bought them.
(and another pair - Crazy Horse. fit perfectly. who knew?)
When I tried the Lees on after I got home
the waist was about 3 inches too big.
"But they fit great in the butt," Tyler generously pointed out.
I didn't mind too much, though;
I figured the one pair that did fit well was worth $2
so I didn't really waste any money.
But now I had this pair of jeans that almost fit
but didn't.
In the semi-quiet
(this house is never completely quiet)
when everyone else was sleeping
I realized how easy it would be to solve my problem.
and I wondered why on earth
I'd never thought of it before!
After taking off the little leather label,
I simply cut thru the inside layer only of the waistband
on both sides of the pants
right behind the first and last belt loops.
Ran some elastic in one hole I'd created
and out the other.
Stitched one side
tried 'em on
adjusted the elastic
and stitched the other
Clothes shopping just got a whole lot easier
if only there were a simple fix
for our shoulder to bust problems....


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