Thursday, November 5, 2009

under the sea

thanks (again) to teachkidsart
we went from whining
"I can't draw a fish"
over and over and over
"Thank-you, Momma, for doing this with us!"
multiple times

Lily had difficulty with the 'paint the entire page' concept;
she much prefers to thoroughly saturate a spot with color.
If you look closely on the right side of her paper,
under one of her baby fishies
you'll see her very first person!

Josiah's lionfish (and baby)

Jeremiah added babies, a turtle, and a jellyfish
(fabulous scissoring, Bud!)

Brandon and I
wished we would have been more generous with the salt
(love this guy's eye & mouth!)

This could certainly have been a two day project;
I think we spent about an hour and a half painting.
It was fun to do it all together
but the boys want to do it again
and make sea turtles instead of fish
and I think we'll paint & salt the background one day
and make the turtles the next
then come back later and cut & paste.


  1. What beautiful paintings!!! Thank you for sharing them with me! :)

  2. I am SOOOO proud! Those are FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Here fishy, fishy... *****(kissing noises for all five artists. And a big hug to their teacher!)

    Love the photos on the side!

  4. Hey, I love your blog with the pics of the kids and your Hubby, but where is the picture of you??

  5. I just can't stand the thought of seeing a picture of myself every time I get on here. Even Tyler, who loves me dearly & finds me beautiful readily admits I am the least photographic person around.

    I think there are 2 pics of me in the archives; if you forget what I look like - you can see me there :-)

  6. I am not anonymous! I am Terri....guess I forgot to write my name! HA!

  7. those fish are awesome! I'm gonna have to see them in person sometime soon :)
    Jeremiah's is very colorful - I bet I could have known it was his even if you didn't tell. Something about the style.
    And of course the other fishes are great - love Lily's person.

  8. btw I like the pictures. Do I still count as a crunch momma even when I don't cloth-diaper? (btw thanks for the loan of that diaper!!)

  9. I figure you'll get me a new pic as soon as you get them back from today's photo shoot :-)
    well - you're a sorta crunchy momma :-)


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