Friday, November 13, 2009

who's your daddy?

Tyler has made numerous pairs of 'slippers' over the years;
looks like Josiah's going to follow in his footsteps.
(stupid pun completely intended)


  1. yeah, but Josiah's not exactly like dad... just a bit. I think he's toeing the line.
    LOL, get it?
    Uh, nevermind. I had to work to hard.
    pretty corny, eh?

    aw, eventually I'll nail it.


    aren't you so proud of your offspring, Momma? or do you think I'm a heel?

  2. you totally have to make sure my father sees this. HE will be proud...

  3. You'd have to be pretty calloused to not think that was funny. If I didn't step up and try at least one pun I'd hit myself "An Keel" over. Then they'd have to tow me away. Love you girl.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Those comments were absolutely laced with groaners. I feel like socking somebody (but since Aiden's the only one in range and I wouldn't want to do it to Lana either, I'll refrain. And trust me, that's my sole reason.)

    I could keep going, but I best hold my tongue before the momma boots me out of here.

  6. where's Andy when we need him? :-)


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