Saturday, February 11, 2012

the foot thing

I went for what I thought was going to be my last foot appt.
I got my old lady inserts two weeks ago
and for a week and a half went back and forth between them 
and the boot,
and Tuesday, started wearing shoes with inserts full-time.
(that's tough on a barefoot gal like me!)
Doc's not happy with how slowly the tendonitis is healing
so now,
in addition to the insert with the mile-high arch
that sucks up my socks,
I have a lovely black lace-up brace thing. 
(Which, of course doesn't fit in my shoes.
But I had the Tony dig out a pair of his old* tennis shoes
that'll work fine.)
And I'm still supposed to be elevating my foot
for thirty minutes every two hours.
Which they forgot to tell me last time....
Not that I would have complied,
but I always like to know the rules anyways ;-) 
That's where I'm at with the foot.

*Tony, like his big brother, has always been fastidious 
with his shoes, so even though they are 'old'
they look brand new.

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