Monday, February 13, 2012

this and that

Saturday was good.
Best I've had in quite some time, actually.
Everyone slept in.
We had zero plans.
Tyler fixed breakfast (breakfast burritos with hashbrowns)
while I typed up that quick little post.
(that's a joke, Son)

I gave everyone haircuts,
including Tony. But not myself. 
(Although I do cut my own hair - but I prefer not to)
It was the first time 
in I don't even know how long
that it wasn't an overwhelming task.
I am so happy to be feeling better!
I figure I'd be rich if I got paid for this.
3 buzzes, 1 with a warm oil massage = $30
2 part buzz / part scissors with lemon jojoba oil noggin massage = $40

I made three capes.
Two pink, and one turquoise and white stripe.
Took me like 8 seconds.
so maybe I just cut out 3 rectangles of fabric
and pinned or paperclipped them on their owner.

Lexi has just been killing me lately!
She's suddenly transformed from a toddler
to a little girl.
Sooo stinkin ca-ute!

Tyler had an asparagus dish while he was in CA.
I re-created it the other day,
having never tasted it myself.
How awesome am I?!
Josiah had to be forced to try his,
then he proceeded to gobble down 9 more spears.

We have snow today!!
Kids will be so happy when they get up.
And Brandon will wish he'd gone down to the shop to grab snow gear
like he thought about doing yesterday.
I'm happy for them
and it looks so pretty out there,
but gosh - snow stuff sure does wreck one's house!

We had another water leak several weeks ago


Kacy went to church with Tony yesterday.
The pastors have been preaching through Ephesians.
We're in chapter 5.
Yesterday was verses 20 - 33.
She said she might ought to check the topic
instead of blindly agreeing to come. ;-)
Seriously, though - what a great first sermon for a couple to hear.
As if they were listening, and not thinking about each other...
I'm pretty sure I wasn't paying any attention
when I went to church with Tyler back in the day.
Maybe that's why he doesn't sit by me anymore?
What can I say?
The man just bothers me with his nearness.
I like him so!

Speaking of Tyler,
we had a nice impromptu lunch date Friday
and this was in his bowl of soup


Kids are up now
and jumping up and down by the window.
Let the chaos begin.


  1. I really, really want your recipe for the asparagus. 9 pieces!!
    So glad you are feeling super.
    Tons of hugs!!!

  2. I roasted the asparagus (2#) at 400 fro about 10 minutes, and then broiled it for a few more, to rush it along....
    for the sauce, I just heated about 3 Tbs butter and about a Tbs each balsamic vinegar & soy sauce in a saucepan till bubbly. I poured the sauce over it before serving - but since everyone wanted a bit of sauce on their plate, to sop the asparagus in, it might should go in a small pitcher...

    I don't know that I'd go all the way to super ;-) but I AM doing soo much better! and am so thankful to be!! (It's almost scary to realize how bad-off I was)

    Hugs right back :-)

  3. I actually listened(er, payed attention) to the ENTIRE sermon for the first time in my life, thank you! :)

  4. so happy you are feeling better too!!
    Love You!!


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