Saturday, April 14, 2012

missing our Bubsy

Besides the fact that we're really quite fond of him,
and like having him around,
being as he's the about the most awesome 13 yr old 
one could hope to meet,
we just plain need our Brandon!

TJ was going to be driving the bus for a field trip to Worlds of Fun
and they told him he could bring someone along;
tickets would only be $30.
He choose Brandon,
which was awfully sweet of him,
so Tyler ran him up to NWA last night
while I stayed home with the kiddos.
Lexi was being a horrendous Beastie,
and I didn't want to have to put anyone through 3 hours in the car
with her.
After searching Redbox and not finding anything,
we spent about 20 minutes looking for a movie on Netflix
and then all 4 kids decided on Narnia - which we have on DVD.
(In case you don't have 4 little ones, 
you should know - when they all agree on the same movie, it's a big deal)
Josiah laid out the picnic blanket
and Jeremiah popped in the disk.
Only the disk didn't start playing.
And nothing but some words about aux something or other showed up on the screen.
We bought a blue ray player for a very sick price on Black Friday
and Brandon is the only one who knows how to operate it!
(Tyler and I ask each other often, "When did we turn into the old people?!")

they all for agreed again
on a previously watched Netflix movie,
so the evening was salvaged.
We need our Bubsy home.

My sis has business down this way on Monday,
and she can bring him back to us then.
We'd be happy to spend a few hours and the gas money to go get him
(we'd get him tonight except they'll get in quite late)
but I figured he's probably really enjoying getting a break,
(he serves our family so much!)
that he could go ahead and stay 'til Monday.
Once we get him back home,
we ain't letting him go again for a good long while.
We need our Bubsy home!


  1. I miss my bubba too, and i didn't even know he was gone! .... Aiden needs to see TJ driving a school bus sometime, then TJ would be his hero. Aiden has suddenly become a HUGE fan of school buses!

  2. maybe he could have somebody take a picture of him in the bus :-)

    I think he did!

  3. he should get a picture in the bus :D Aiden loves 'big trucks', skoobusses and mail 'buses' ;)


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