Friday, April 13, 2012

shoot one

Kacy asked me yesterday of I could take a few pictures 
of her and Tony today since they had the day off from school
and they don't really have any photos yet of the two of them...

Whenever I take 'portrait' pictures
(meaning - I am purposely trying to capture 
an image worth printing, not just having on the computer)
I always remind myself,
"all I need is one good shot".
I mean, really.
It eliminates the agony of choosing between a bunch of good ones.

It's very freeing, I think.

I'm not sure if I accomplished that or not.....

As you can see,
I had to contend with a bit of silliness.
Not that I minded ;-)

It was just a little over a year ago that we did Ton's senior pictures.
I don't know that my photography skills have improved all that much
(although I can change a few camera settings now, thanks to a lesson from a sweet friend)
but man, my boy has done growed up!


  1. Ooooooooooo!!!!
    These are so wonderful!
    Great job!!

  2. I see your conundrum....they all good!

  3. picture #3 - "I can hear her laugh plain as day all the way in virginia!"

    picture #4 - "I know that look!" "Curled up nose, pursed lips = she's not fond of what you just did but she's smiling anyhow"

    picture #8 - Pure kacy. This picture made my heart burst from missing my redhead beyond belief!

    picture #9 - LOVE that red hair!

    picture #10 - PERFECT!

    Great Job! ;D

    -Dawn, mother to the beautiful redhead.


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