Monday, April 23, 2012

a quick break

s l o w l y
working on my quilt.
Knowing that it won't really be used for several months
takes off any pressure that I may otherwise feel
to get it completed quickly.
As if that were even an option at this point...

 I set the timer for 20 minutes;
I needed a short break
and the sun in the girls' room was so inviting.
I confess to 'loading my needle' a few times after the bell rang.
Six minutes worth, to be exact.

It was worth it!
I think if I just made 30 minutes to sew
(in the sunshine!)
a priority,
the world would be a better place.
Our little world, at least.

Wonder if I could work that out with my slave-driver?
I should talk to her....

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  1. aren't ya supposed to be taking time off your feet anyhow? ;) half an hour to happiness - do it! (then write a book... cuz that's a great title idea...)


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