Friday, April 27, 2012

five on Friday


Life is moving at warp speed these days and 

When I saw Maggie yesterday, she asked when I had my last spa weekend.
Oh, she is a funny one, that Maggie.


We're in the middle of our Spring birthday season,
five birthdays in 11 days.

perhaps that's part of one up there....


All food rules go out the window on birthdays.
Tyler requested hamburgers with buns as his main dish.
You've never seen people so excited to eat wheat buns before!
When I was making the buns,
Kacy kept saying, "I just can't believe we're eating wheat!"
and when Luke saw the stack of buns,
his eyes lit up like he'd just seen his first Trans-am.


Mom and Bill and Gramma came down Saturday.
Gramma brought some books for the kids and they talked her into reading to them

I love that all my kids will have memories of their great-gramma!
And that all their memories of her are all good.


Bernie comes to visit us almost every day.
(can you hear the smile in my voice?!)

I must admit,
in addition to the happy I feel because I see him,
it gives me some sort of small, perverse pleasure 
knowing he's breaking out to come see us;
he never once got out of his field when he lived here,
and now that he is back with the neighbors
(who thought we weren't taking good care of him...)
he escapes. often. to come back.
mwha ha ha


  1. Happy Birthday to all the wonderful people! (Look at all those candles!!)
    Thanks for the picture of Grandma. It's lovely to see her surrounded by love.

  2. I love this post too! Happy birthday everyone!! and I am THRILLED That Bernie breaks out to come and see you!He is so sweet! Love that picture of him, I just want to reach out and pet Him! Your lil laugh there at the end....FAbulous!!


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