Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm a published author!!!

Sort of.
Not exactly.....
But I do have a WFMW post in an e-book.
A few months ago,
I got an e-mail from Kristen and her cohort, writer Jennifer De Groot.
They wanted to include a link to my skin care post in their upcoming e-book,
a compilation of more than 800 tried and true tips,
and wondered if that'd be okay with me.


The book finally made its debut Monday, and ya'll ~ it's pretty cool!
There are twenty-four different categories
ranging from babies to travel to crafts to beauty to time management to recipes.....
I get to give a copy away!
For free!

If you just can't wait to see if you've won,
and you want to buy your own copy of this 187 page e-book of tips today, 
use the coupon code SAVE1 to save $1 on your purchase.

One of the best things, to me, is that a portion of the proceeds
from every sale goes to Mercy House.
Helping love gorgeous little black babies and their mommas??


(That works for me!! ;-)

To get your name in the hat,
leave me a tip. Or not.
I'll draw for a winner next Wednesday.


  1. I am still learning how to care for my cast iron skillet and maintain the nonstick surface - but one thing that I've found that has really helped is applying a very thin coat of coconut oil to the skillet after I've washed and dried it and then placing the skillet on the bottom rack of my oven.
    Then the next time I bake something, the oil gets "baked" on the skillet there on the bottom shelf and keeps it nice.
    Hope I win!!

  2. oh, congratulations!! how exciting :) another published writer, must be a family thing ;) erm, a tip.... If you can't soak your sideless cookie sheet in the sink to get the crud softened, then you can put a wet towel on top of it and soak the gunk off that way. That's a tip i just pulled out of my head. If i were going to write about anything clever i've done in the recent past, it would probably be 'smash a half-empty toilet paper roll flat, so that it will fit in your pocket and you will always have plenty of tissue at arms reach'. ... I am too busy blowing my nose to do anything clever.

  3. Congratulations!
    A tip from your brother - if you want to have large peaches, be sure to thin them out when they are babies. Then you'll have even more abundance! ;-)


  4. Very Cool! Congratulations!
    My tip:
    Have children while you're young, & not approaching menopause!!! ;)
    Quit your job & live humbly to be home with them, teach them,love them and give them abundant grace, as God has abundantly given you! :)

  5. That sounds amazing! And I'm a lover of ebooks! :)

    Favorite tip that I was just sharing with someone: salt as grease-stain remover! If you spill something greasy on yourself, immediately pour salt over it until it's completely covered, work it into the fibers a bit, let it sit (if the salt gets greasy-looking you can change the salt) for awhile, and the salt magically absorbs the grease! :)

  6. You always amaze me!! I'm so proud of you!

    TIP: Don't move. It's too much work. And if you HAVE to move, just leave all your junk there and buy new junk for the other house.

  7. I have a crazy tip....when your mascara is cold and clumpy, or just getting dried out, put it in your bra for a few mins. it will warm it up nicely and you will get several more uses out of it! totally works! here's another tip...don't forget its there and go off to walmart and such to do your shopping..... :)♥


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