Thursday, July 26, 2012

attainable perfection

'member when I said I was going for 'attainable perfection on this here garment?
I think I may have set my sights a tad high.
Which makes them more difficult to achieve than, say, setting my sights low.

In some ways, 
I am so, so pleased with this top.
Even though I messed up and didn't do my beading on the body of the shirt like Alabama Chanin did theirs
with all the lovely white space between the beads,
a look I much prefer to my strings of solid beads (grrr),
I'm still happy with the beading.
And the beading along the neck-line - with the cretan stitch? love!
I'm pleased with my workmanship in general; for the most part, my stitches are even
and so are my seams.

I'm not real pleased with the not-smoothness of the neckline,
but upon reflection, I've figured out the problem:
I've seen lots of pictures of AC garments that people have made
(I am nothing, if not an extensive researcher ;-)
and several gals have had necklines that don't quite lay flat against the chest.
I made note of (what I thought must indicate) the necessity of slightly stretching the binding strips as I sewed them on.
So, I carefully slightly stretched the binding strips.
Only, the neck still doesn't lay just right.
I think the problem lies in the raising of the neckline.
See - being that I am, ummm, well-endowed,
my measurement around where I raised the neckline to, is 1 1/2 inches smaller
than my upper bust measurement where the original neckline would have hit.
One and a half inches!
That's bound to make a difference.
So, even though I wish it laid better (perfectly!) I'm glad that I figured out what to do in the future;
I need to take in the sides of that center piece a bit.
(which is easier said than done, based on the shape of that piece after raising the neckline, but doable anyways)

What really is a bummer about this supposed-to-be-perfect garment is this:
well, actually, there's two things.
First of all - a bug peed (Or maybe pooped? I'm not really sure what bugs do, waste-wise)
on my shirt (smack dab in the middle!) after I'd set it aside a few weeks ago, upon learning of my beading error.
The bug pee (or pooh, whatever the case may be) isn't the problem,
as much as the slub I created, trying to clean said bug waste product off my fabric.
The other problem is

it's too tight
(which makes no sense; my muslins did NOT fit like this!!)
and it looks positively hideous on me.


As usual, I'm joining Elizabeth's with needle and thREAD
Only. I can't remember if I've read any books or not right now....


  1. beautiful work!! love those red beads!!
    You are soo Good!

  2. I don't think it looks bad on you! It will be especially cute in the fall with a jean jacket.

  3. Ah, T! It looks amazing!!! And that bead work! Oh, my! My terrible fingers could never, ever do such fine work. I'd have red spots from all the blood from poked fingers...
    As for the spot (that I can't see) why not add a flower or some other decorative bit with the beads? Or add your name or trademark there?

    Great job making it!
    Ps. I found clear elastic!!! Couldn't believe it!

  4. the shirt is cute! you have way more patience than I do, sewing on all those little beads!!! wow! good job once again sis!! xoxo


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