Wednesday, July 11, 2012

big honkin melons

Gayle has new baby bunnies, 
so we went out to her farm this morning to get our eggs and other goodies.
And of course, see the bunnies.
The girls squealed about how adorable they were; Josiah and I thought they looked like tiny pigs.
She told us about a place 'near the bottoms'
that sells garden fresh watermelon and cantaloupe.
It was only about 2 miles out of the way, so we figured we best go.
(two miles if you know where 'the bottoms' are - we, did not,
and apparently drove through said bottoms and added a few more miles to our trip. 
We didn't mind, though ~ there are acres and acres of peanuts growing in 'the bottoms' and the plants were so pretty
 and we could see the mountains off in the distance,
and the sky was a gorgeous blue, with lots of puffy clouds)
we finally found the melon place.
$4 for large watermelons, $3 for small ones, and $1.50 for the hugest cantaloupes I've ever seen.
We bought 3 watermelons 
(2 big, 1 small - so we could see which variety we liked best. As if I'll remember) 
and 2 big honkin cantaloupes.

Not only were there big honkin melons near the bottoms, there were stinkin huge tractors, too :-)

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  1. what a cute picture, love lexis little red cheeks!! a hug and a kiss and a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck....the bottoms looked like a fun trip! yummy too!!


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