Thursday, July 19, 2012

princess shoes

$90 shoes, on clearance for $10

plus a bit of spray paint, glue, and glitter
equal shoes fit for a princess. Or a bride.
Same difference, if you're talking to Lily....

(I think this was the only wedding related project I did that was not impromptu...)

Oh ~ did you know that if your sling backs slip off your heel,
you can just take a tiny chunk of elastic out, and sew it back together??
Learned that from my new daughter-in-law.
I'll post pictures just as soon as I get them from our photographer.


  1. I did not know you could do all that to shoes, I love it!! may have to go thru my closet now and see what I can paint and add glitter to! xoxo

  2. I spray-painted shoes YEARS ago :-) Interestingly, those were purple too... not nearly as awesome as these, of course!! probly more comfortable though ;-)

    for glittering ~ mix glitter with modgepodge glue (maybe 2x glue as glitter) & keep adding a layer as soon as the previous layer is dry.
    I used a fan so it'd dry quickly :-)

    For both painting & glittering, be sure to tape off!


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