Monday, July 2, 2012

the squirrel who liked pears

After he had his fill of that pear, he ran almost to the top of the tree, to choose another.

And then, he ran back down, to a height more suitable for eating.

I grow tired of the "Mom" "Mom!" "Mom" all day long,
but I am glad when they 'Mom' me to share fun things like this.

(these were taken [some by Brandon; some by me] from inside the house, with the big lens the boys bought me :-)


  1. Lish says I'm old. I don't care. some say sqirrels are just rats with fluffy tails. No matter. we feed them sometimes and we love our birdbaths. watching the wildlife makes us smile and we don't tire of it. good pictures!

  2. what great photos you guys took! He really does look cute eating those pears!!
    thanks for sharing!


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