Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We are mostly screen-free this summer.

Jeremiah asked if they could watch a 'World's Toughest Fixes' episode.
I said, "No."
Jeremiah said, "Okay, Momma. Thanks anyways."
Which is, of course, the reply we work on around here all.the.time. 
I thought a minute and decided that I guessed it'd be okay if they watched one episode.
The problem is - when they watch one show, they want to watch another
And another
and they forget how to do everything except zone out in front of the TV.....

Before the episode even ended, Lexi asked if they could watch something else when it was done.
I said, "No."
She walked over to Jeremiah and growled at him through clenched teeth,
"How did you get a 'yes'?!"


  1. haha!!! its tough to be a kid sometimes!! xoxo

  2. love that little girl!!!

  3. Oh, do I know that feeling...
    Today it was the repetition of "Can we play with the hose?" that nearly drove me through the wall - and it's only 10:20am! I just know the screaming that is going to follow and I really wanted to give the neighbors a chance to wake up before it all started.
    It's supposed to hit 82 degrees today. Wow! That's hot for here!


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