Friday, July 6, 2012

my sweet Sarah

As I anticipated my precious friend's (way too) short visit,
I was thinking about how to describe what she is to me.

She's almost old enough to be my mom ~ but she hasn't really been a mother figure to me.
Although she has done mothering things, like include us in their Thanksgiving celebrations
on more than one fun-filled occasion
and praying for our family.

She's not exactly been a mentor, although I would have welcomed her in that role,
and she has taught me many things by her wonderful example.

She's not necessarily who might come to mind when one thinks of a 'meek and quiet woman'.
She's a bit of a firecracker, truth be told,
but oh, I do live fireworks,
and she most definitely loves the Lord, 
and her husband - and he is awfully fond of her!

It wasn't until after she was gone
that I finally figured it out.

Sarah - is my cheerleader.


  1. Sarah sounds wonderful and I like firecrackers too!! :)everyone needs a cheerleader!

  2. Yeah for cheerleaders!
    Give me an "S"!...


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