Friday, June 15, 2012

our egg lady

Several months ago, someone posted on  the homeschool email loop 
about a lady in town selling eggs from pastured hens.
I replied to the email asking for the gal's contact info, 
then promptly got in touch with Gayle.
Our Egg Lady.

Gayle lives about 10 minutes east of us.
When she goes to town, she drives right past our road, so most weeks, 
she drives the extra 4/10 mile down 46th street and delivers her farm fresh eggs
(and whatever garden goodies she has for us)
right to our door!
Then she stays and visits with us for a little while.
She's invited the kids and I our to their farm a couple of times, so we can play with her animals
hunt for eggs
and feed the animals that help feed us.
We've grown to love her,
and I think the feeling is mutual:
One day, Lexi was laying down for a nap when she arrived.
When she peeked out the window and saw Miss Gayle was here, she got up and ran outside.
Gayle's eyes lit right up when she spotted Lex' on the porch.
When we bought this place all I wanted to do was raise as much food of our own
as we possibly could.
It's no secret we haven't been overly successful in that.
I've come to realize what a blessing it is,
that in the past few years of illness, I didn't have to take care of animals,
(or even a garden - last year)
on top of caring for my family.

I would still like,
to be able to raise a good portion of our food on this beautiful piece of land we call home.
But for now, I am so so grateful to be able to purchase, at reasonable prices,
food grown just the way I'd like to grow it.
To gain a friend in the process is sweet icing on the cake.


  1. Oh, such sweet cake! Enjoy it while you are healing. Hugs from afar.

  2. That is pretty neat all right!!
    blessings all around! Just like the Lord!


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