Tuesday, June 5, 2012

now. about that anniversary...

Where should we go??
What should we do?
(I mean - besides the obvious ;-)

We'd always thought our 25th would be a big trip - Hawaii, Bora Bora
(okay - maybe not Bora Bora)
but we aren't really comfortable leaving the kids for a whole week yet.
Or putting anybody else through having the kids for a whole week. 
So maybe we'll do Hawaii on our 30th anniversary.

now we're trying to figure out where to go.
In August.
Blazing hot August.
Not too terribly far from home.
(maybe 5 hours or so max)

Whadya think??


  1. Kansas City? a little more up north and surely there's some fun & interesting things up there! and not so far away. I say go north as opposed to south to New Orleans or Dallas. You'll figure it out! and it will be great!!
    Love and blessings!!
    Mom : )

  2. St. Louis. It is a beautiful city with plenty of stuff to do. It has a fantastic zoo. Pretty parks. Free Art museum. Only thing is that it is about 7hrs drive time.

  3. You could hop in a jet. Zoom over here since the temps in Latvia are much more accommodating in the summer. Spend 2 days soaking your feet in the bay and then zip back in your jet.

    How much did you say you had to spend? Haha!

  4. there is a sandy beach on the lake in Branson, that's where we are going a little later in August :D Hot springs is great (I'm partial to Hot Springs of course) Eureka springs has lots to do.
    you could always stay in a Yurt at wherever that is north of here. Stay in a yurt and take meditation classes ;)

  5. Mommy and Daddy went to Eureka Springs once and said it was a jolly good time.

  6. canada. cape cod. michigan. but I am pretty sure almost anywhere you go in the states is going to be HOT. so we must have water then. galveston? NOT Branson, VERY hot and very crowded, and you can go there anytime!


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