Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a day off

Jeremiah and Josiah decided to give me the day off today!
(only from cooking, but hey ~ I take what I get :-)

For breakfast, they made scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon bits
and lunch was tuna salad, cucumber slices, and salty almonds.
Totally by themselves.
And they left surprisingly little mess!
I was informed I may have to help with dinner, though, 
'since that has to be a big meal'.

Thanks, guys, for givin' Momma a break!
I love you!!


  1. They are just the best! Give them hugs and then send them my way, I could use a day off too!! hehehe!

  2. haha
    Lexi told me this morning that she wanted to see Aunt Terri and Uncle James. I briefly considered coming to get tats this weekend at your show but it'll be SOO hot, I quickly decided against it. XO

  3. It will be so hot!! Tell lil Lexi as soon as I can work it out! Things have been a bit crazy around here. will have to call and fill you in. xoxo!


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