Wednesday, June 6, 2012

one kicking guy, three ways

It's summer
and that means the boys don't have to wear their uniform tops to TKD class.

They can wear any t-shirt, but they really are supposed to wear the color of their belt.
(we didn't know that last summer...)

Being that they are my children, they wanted to snazzy their shirts up a bit.
being that they are my children, they didn't want their shirts to all be the same.

Fortunately, though, they did all want the same size kicking guy,
so I only had to cut it out once :-)
Well, once after my mess-up cutting outs...

I know you can't see the design ~ but where did my boy go? 

We used the freezer paper method, which is all over blog-land,
but Delia happened to post about it just yesterday, so I'll link to hers.
Plus, I like Delia, she seems awfully sweet, she's pretty, she's quite talented,
and she has a baby girl with the cutest little chin.
The only thing I did differently was print the design directly onto the freezer paper
by taping a square of freezer paper to the top left corner of regular copy paper
before running it through the printer.

Look how high this kid can kick!! Crazy!
There you have it.
One kicking guy

three ways.


  1. O, just look at That!! Fabulous!!! You are sumpin else sister!! ♥

  2. I'm impressed with the guys kicking and with the kicking guy and with the momma!!
    Love to all!!

  3. awesome shirts and awesomer taekwando bubs :D
    love that last picture especially.


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