Friday, June 22, 2012

figured it out :-)

Thanks for all your suggestions!
After hours and hours of searching and being quite picky 
(Tyler was rejecting cabins and cottages because of their location. Whatever.)
I rejected a cabin because the grass by the water was too scraggly.
Another was rejected because I didn't like the style of a dresser.
you know ~ important things ;-)
we finally decided on a cabin on the White River for our upcoming anniversary.

The water is supposedly so cold, it'll lower the air temperature around it by about 10 degrees.
(We'll let you know how that works out)


  1. THAT looks positively divine right about now!!! I am so excited for you! its ALMOST the beach front!!so perfect, and looks private enough to skinny dip...hehe jk...and probably fairly close to some fun stuff, a movie theatre and a few might have to share that address so we can rent it sometime. and how far is this place exactly??

  2. we'll see ;-)

    Yeah, I think there are a few small cities fairly close.
    It's in Cotter, AR ~ not actually sure how far it is ~ maybe 3-4 hours?

    there were some pretty good options on, but apparently 2 months prior isn't early enough to plan a getaway :-/ This one we found here:

    there are also some pretty cool treehouses in Eureka Springs, if you don't care about being on the river. I bet they'd be awesome to stay at in the early Fall

    love you!!
    p.s. about time for you to come visit :-)

  3. I love vrbo. we have used it many times! and yes, yes it is!! love you!

  4. this is a special spot for special people, beautiful!
    Love ,

  5. After going, I would still recommend staying here, but, you should be aware that that lovely water in front of the cabin, is not the White River, it is a small creek/pond that may have VERY little (stagnant) water in it.


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