Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Ya'll just don't know how long I have hovered
to the twenty-five pound mark,
but never quite hitting it.
I hit it!
Twenty-five pounds lost!
Still a kazillion to go,
but I somehow have had it in my head that if I could just hit 25,
the next twenty five would be easier (and quicker).
Stupid, I know,
but I'm happy all the same.
I should celebrate!
With like, some chia seeds or something.

completely unrelated, but notable - we had burgers on buns Sunday, on top of having had BLT's on real bread 
Saturday (granted, I had an open-faced sandwich and only 1/2 a bun, but still it was wheat 2 days in a row) 
and I had a headache the entire day yesterday (and maybe even Sunday evening; can't remember) 
that 20 glasses of water didn't even touch(usually I can get rid of a headache by simply drinking more water...) 


  1. Congratulations!!! My weight loss hasn't been anywhere near that, but that's ok. I'm enjoying the re-found energy and stamina to do more things.

    A piece of communion bread did me in, too this weekend. Didn't tell anyone about it though. Buzzy headache, stuffy nose - ugh! I didn't want to be critical about the communion. Any suggestions? Is there such thing as 'wheat-free' wafers out there? Anyone?

  2. I am jealous too but I am thrilled for you especially cuz I know what an accomplishement that is!! love you!!

  3. That is so Great!! Good for you!!


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