Friday, June 1, 2012


Lest you think we're all holy all the time here... ;-)

While were finishing up dinner this evening, 
Lily was playing with my sewing chair,
which is an office chair with adjustable seat height.
She'd just raised the seat all the way up
when Lexi took a bite of hemp seeds.
Kacy whispers to Tony, "Isn't hemp...?"
And Lily calls out,
"I'm high!"


  1. LOL!! Literally...that is so hysterical!!

  2. oh wow! that just hilarious :D if anyone wanted to write a sitcom about a big, crunchy family, that would
    definitely have to be in there :D

  3. hahaha! I am sure that was a funny moment, I can picture it all! I love hemp seeds and chia seeds BTW!!! I put them in my yogurt every day!


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