Friday, April 26, 2013

7 quick takes in April

The water heater went out last Saturday.
This is not the first time I've had water issues while Tyler's been out of town.
I've also had frozen pipes
a busted main water line
to deal with by myself.

After I killed my back (which hurt really bad, and is still hurting!) sucking up 30 million gallons of water,
which was after I finally got the water shut off,
but before I went to Lowe's to buy a new water heater, without first taking measurements,
I decided I would take the kids to a hotel.
They could swim, I could take a shower (and maybe even a soak in the tub to sooth my back?) and we'd sleep comfortably.
(We'd drug their beds into my bedroom so we could all sleep together when the guys left.
They (the beds) were on the floor.
The floor that I sucked the water out of...)
We would redeem the day!

It turns out, there was no room in the inn.
Or any inn in Fort Smith or Van Buren.
But a sweet angel lady let the kids swim anyways,
and gave them snacks and goodie bags,
and let me take a shower in their office bathroom.
I don't think I will ever forget her kindness.
If you are ever in need of a hotel in the area, I highly recommend Van Buren's Hampton Inn!

I mean, I truly did practically beg them to let me help.
And not only help, but take over.
I basically insisted on totally taking over decorating for their graduation.
That is so not like me!
(I did go with what I understood their vision to be - so I guess I didn't totally totally take over ;-)
As it turned out, they both had major things going on, 
and neither of them were able to decorate.
It gives me hope that maybe I do hear God more than I think I do.

I haven't managed any sewing since Saturday morning, before the words,
"Why is the bathroom floor covered in water?"
were uttered.

that's not entirely true.
I did hand-stitch a paper 'Class of 2013' banner on Wednesday for the cake table.

Even though I can arrange flowers decently,
flower arranging doesn't give me the same nice feelings that creating with fabric does.
I usually feel rather 'meh' about it, even when the arrangements get lots of compliments.
Twice, though, I've been pretty tickled with my flower arranging.
The first time, I'd made a huge arrangement with flowers and grapes for a date night dinner we did for friends.
The other was the arrangement I made in a metal water pitcher for Tony and Kacy's reception.
Neither were ever photographed.

We've been watching The Great British Sewing Bee.
Television at its finest, I think.
Too bad there are only 4 episodes.


  1. So a friend sent me to this blog..His name is Allan Drew I guess one of his mothers friends is on ur blog...funny thing is he was well aware of this story b/c I had told him about this wonderful lady and her children who came into the hotel that night as soon as I got home from work. He sent me this today for me to read and it made my entire day! Was so nice meeting you and thank you so much for the kind words, b/c you too made my night! Melissa McGuire

  2. well, hello, Melissa!!! :-)
    The first thing I saw when I opened comments was your name, and I thought, 'how weird - I didn't mention her name in my post..." Imagine my surprise to see that the comment was from YOU :-)
    (although I'm not quite sure how you translated blubbering greasy-haired idiot to 'wonderful lady' ;-)

  3. Awe, I was told once when we think we look our when the world sees us at our most beautiful!

  4. wow...its a small world! I enjoyed these comments very much! If I ever need to stay in a hotel there, I know where I am going! great quick takes sis!Love you!


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