Thursday, April 4, 2013


You saw a sneak peek of it Monday,
so I may as well spill the beans.

I've sort of taken a little detour from working on TJ's quilt,
and held off just a tad longer on starting Tyler's,
although I have finished collecting his fabric and have drawn up the pattern on graph paper.
(The night I put on paper what was in my head, Lily was having a hard time getting to sleep. 
So, I let her get up. 
And there we sat at the table, drawing, at 11:30 at night,
me designing quilts, and Lily designing dresses.
Made me miss my days of 'making' side by side with Lana,
but also look forward to creating with the little girls.)

back to my detour (from my detour...)

All of my men are giving and generous, so I don't think T will mind if his quilt is another week or so behind,
although I am still hoping to get it done by the 22nd, eternal optimist and all.
And I know Tyler's okay with the delay on his,
but he's taken to calling me his Tabitha...

I'll post about the 'why' of the quilt when I get it finished,
but here are just a few in-progress shots.
Oddly enough, all pictures were taken in the dark of the night, when I get most of my sewing done,
so they are especially crappy.
(But they remind me of how pretty I thought it was at the time, anyways.)


ready to be sewn into rows  (I love the tiny 'half-square blocks that pressing the seams open creates)

I started basting it at 11:10 last night.
Or rather, I started looking for my tape at 11:10.
the tape that I smugly was writing a post in my head about - how to keep track of your tape...
(which, in my defense, had worked fabulously all year - up 'til yesterday evening.)
I think it was my best basting job yet, everything just went together so nicely,
due, in large part, I suspect, to my liberal use of starch and sizing.

Love spray basting with 505!
I am so eager to get started quilting this one!


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  1. pretty darn neat alright!
    you are amazing!

  2. Just stopping over from needle & thread. Love, love the solids in this quilt! I've made a zigzag quilt with patterns but the solids really make it pop! Awesome job!
    Also, how on earth can you stay up so late sewing? The following day would be ruined if it were me!

  3. Thanks :-)

    Sara ~ I don't always mean to stay up so late, it just happens ;-) I'm okay missing sleep - but I do move a bit more slowly the next day.

  4. AH HA!! I knew thats what was hanging in the window! It sure is fabulous! Just like YOU!! xoxo

  5. I love you, Sis!! :-)
    (I love you, too, Mom!)


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