Friday, April 12, 2013

look who got to wash BOTH hands

Lex' and I went to see Dr Balyard this morning.

This is the text we sent daddy while we were waiting for the doc to come in.

Her bones look good and there is significant remodeling that should offer extra protection for the next few years.
The angle of her distal radius is off by about 17 degrees, 
but he says it'll just correct itself over time.
That God made it to do that.
Which is refreshing to hear a doctor say!

Here's the text we sent daddy after we left the dr.

You kinda take washing both hands for granted, huh?
She doesn't.
(not today, anyways)


  1. fabulous!! shes just adorable! we do take many things like that for granted too! hooray!!!

  2. what a sweet little girl! so glad she is doing good! thank you Lord!
    Love grandma


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