Wednesday, April 3, 2013

on our time off

If I had to guess, 
I'd say that right before Easter is one of the most popular times to go screen free.
It's just a good time to quiet things a bit, and perhaps the timing also makes it easier?
I mean, can you really complain about being unplugged 
when you are gearing up to remember the death, 
and celebrate the resurrection,
of the Savior of the world??


Tyler actually really enjoyed not being able to reach for his phone every time he sat down.
It also took the pressure off of evening entertainment.
We like to watch a tv show on Netflix (or a movie) with Brandon a few times a week after the kids go to bed,
but it's always so difficult to find something to watch.
Something that appeals (at least somewhat) to all 3 of us, and is appropriate for a young man to watch.
(The appealing to us all part isn't tricky - we all like the same kind of shows,
except the guys like sci-fi, and I don't much,
but the appropriate part is trickier)
We loved White Collar, but then in Season 3 (or was it 2?) they kinda changed things
and we didn't enjoy it as much anymore.
We really like Flashpoint ~ but we ran out of episodes.
The Finder is super, but there's only half a season.
We've been watching Heroes, 
but honestly, none of us are crazy about it.
Where was I going?
Oh yes, pressure.
Not watching anything meant we didn't have to try to find something.
After spending about 20 minutes last night looking for something to watch,
Tyler said, "I miss being screen-free."

The kids responded very well to being screen free (they always do)
and I don't think I had to remind anybody not to ask for games, movies, etc.
They actually have remained screen free, 
except they did watch a movie at Gramma's house and we watched an Andy Griffith with lunch yesterday 
as has been our custom ever since Andy died,
but honestly,
I'm about sick of the show.

I didn't get all twitchy like I sometimes do when we unplug,
but come Thursday, I really wanted to find out if Elizabeth finished her Easter dresses or not!
(She did - but she didn't do a needle and thread post, so even if I'd have cheated and checked, I wouldn't have found out)
and I liked being able to sew in the evenings without feeling like I was being a party pooper.
(I can hand-sew while we watch something and still be a part of things,
but my lamp broke, and I can't see well enough to sew at night by just the overhead bulbs.
I thought I solved the problem by buying a $20 (on sale!) replacement bulb for a hand-me-down Ott light,
but alas the bulb was not the problem.)

All in all, it was good to go screen free, and we'll do it again 
when we go overboard with technology.

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