Thursday, March 20, 2014

all I need is time (or maybe thyme?)

I didn't get sick,
and everybody else was feeling pretty decent
(Lex' is still not 100% though)
so yesterday afternoon, 
Josiah and I headed over the mountain to Gramma Joyce.
We had a nice time going out to dinner - the Village Inn, of course,
and I was happy to get to spend a few hours with her.

She always asks (several times ;-) "How long do you have to drive to get here?"
And then (always) responds to my answer (1 1/2 hrs) with, "Oh, Baby. I'm sorry you have to drive so long!)
I tell her, I don't have to, I choose to. And it's worth it.
I realize what a gift it is that I still have my grandmother with me.
I try to not take it for granted.

I'd also made plans to get together with my friend, Lisa, who moved away last year,
but she had to cancel, so that was kinda bummy.
(Something about her kid being in a musical or some silly excuse like that. ;-)
But what wasn't bummy,
I finally got to connect with another friend - the one who has a friend with a zyto scanner.
The scanner scans (duh) about 70 different 'markers'
looking for imbalances.
(I really have no clue how it works. Tyler says its hokey.)
Now, it doesn't tell you what is wrong with you - only how many things are wrong with you.

The scan said I was out of balance in 41 of the 70ish areas they checked.
The good news, though, is that 25 of them can be brought back into balance,
by time.
Or rather, thyme. Thyme essential oil. 
One drop a day.

Is Tyler right?
Is it all just hokey??

I don't know.

I do know that I've already ordered a bottle of thyme e.oil,
because it certainly won't hurt anything 
(so long as I can't taste it ~ eww)
and really,
everyone can use more time.



  1. One of those times you come up, I'd love for you to drop by and see me! I know you have family to see and probably lots to do....but if you have an hour (or more!) to spare, I'd sure love a visit. :) We live just off 540 near Cross Church (we can see the crosses from our deck) so it wouldn't be too far out of the way.
    Just throwing it out there. :)

  2. Yes!!
    and I really want to get ya'll here at some point, too.....


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