Friday, March 28, 2014

the pillbox

Tyler came home last night with one of those weekly pill-boxes for me.

It was really sweet,
but I took one look at it, chuckled, and said, 
"You really don't have a clue how many pills I take."

(And that doesn't include the probiotics I take (not with food)
or my after lunch dose (same as my morning dose. Although, sometimes I skip these.)
or my evening pills (though that's only 6-8 capsules, provided I don't feel the need for extra garlic...)

I wasn't kidding about it taking 2-3 c of fluids to get all my capsules down.
(I feel yuck just looking at that picture)

I figure I'll give it a couple more months, and if I'm still not noticing an improvement, I'll start eliminating supplements.


  1. Oh husband's pills aren't much better....

  2. well, it is the thought that counts! lol!! I would have trouble swallowing just one of those!! hugs!!


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