Thursday, March 6, 2014

low carb italian cream cake for one (or two)

I don't know why I bother saying, "I'll be back soon with a recipe."
Whenever I say that,
it's like I jinx myself and then take extra long to get back
with the recipe.

Here is my version of somebody else's version of somebody's (?) recipe.
I should note, that while this is a recipe for one,
I almost always make just one for Tyler and I to share,
and it's always plenty.
The two times I've made one all for me - I have been stuffed.
It can also easily be quadrupled (just use a 1/4 c measuring cup in place of the tablespoon measure)
and baked for 20 ish minutes in an 8x8 pan at 350
and makes 8 or 9 nice sized servings.

Italian Cream Cake for One

Into a large mug or very small baking dish,

I was thrilled to find a set of 8 of these 1 1/2 - 2 cups baking dishes for $3!!
They are easier to wash than mugs, plus - they are great for making buns

crack 1 egg and beat it a bit with a fork
(In the summer time, I would put my Tbs of coconut oil in first, but since it is winter,
I stick my little bottle of coconut oil  in a container in the sink and run it under hot water to melt a bit.)

thank-you, chickens, for my lovely eggs!!

Then grab just a few pecan halves, and crumble them into your mug/bowl

Then add 1 TBS each:
shredded coconut (unsweetened)
vanilla protein powder (if you don't have this, use another TBS of the baking mix - it's actually a nicer texture that way)
xylitol (or erythritol, or truvia, or a bit of stevia...)

By now, your coconut oil should be melted enough that you can pour off a TBS,
so add that too,
and mix it all up real well.

Stick in the microwave for about 1 minute and 11 seconds.
Obviously microwaves will vary - you want it to just barely be done (no more shiny).

While it's cooking,
 mix up 2 Tbs of cream cheese with a bit of powdered xylitol and a drop of vanilla
(It is a bit of a splurge, but I buy the package at Sams that has 50 - 1 ounce tubes of cream cheese. It's the perfect amount)
After your cake has cooled a bit, spread your frosting.

If you really want to get fancy,
add a little whipped cream and a sprinkle of pecans

and enjoy!

for ease of copying - with no commentary:

Italian Cream Cake for One
1 egg
1 Tbs coconut oil
1 Tbs vanilla protein powder OR baking mix
1 Tbs xylitol or equivalent no/low carb sweetener
a few pecan pieces

mix all ingredients in a microwave safe mug or bowl and cook a little over 1 minute


  1. Can I make the mix without oat fiber? Can I whiz some oats in the blender and use it the same way?

  2. It looks very tasty - and filling!

    Just be way of an EPP update Tracy, today I ordered some Bottom Line thread so will try to let you know how it performs once it arrives from way over the ocean.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Sandy - you can make the baking mix w out oat fiber, but you'd need to use more mix (and it'd be higher in calories and fat. And more flax-y)
    You can whir oats in the blender to get oat FLOUR, which, while tasty, you wouldn't want to mix w your 's' flours... oat FIBER has no carbs or calories (or taste..)
    That said - sub 1 1/2 TBS each ground flax and ground almonds for the baking mix and protein powder (I'm guessing you don't have that yet?) And add a shake of salt and 1/2 tsp b.powder and it'll be yummy :-)
    Karen - I'll be waiting anxiously for your verdict! I've looked for the guterman you mentioned, but so far have only found a 40wt. It's almost ridiculous how much time I spend looking for thread ;-)
    I hope you have a lovely weekend, too!

  4. gonna have to get me some of that!!!

  5. About your substitute flour mix...So you are saying that I can use this mix for any cake or whatever recipe out there just use this instead of lets say self rising flour, just use 3/4 of this mix instead of 1 cup of flour.. Hope this isn't confusing.. Thank you so much!

  6. Donna ~ Possibly. (how's that for confusing? ;-)
    I haven't tried using the baking mix in recipes that call for regular flour - only those that already call for a low carb flour.
    That said, it seems to behave more 'flour-like' than almond flour, or ground flax, or coconut flour, so I have a sneaking suspicion it would work fairly well. If I ever test my theory - I'll report back.


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