Tuesday, March 25, 2014

sweet ride

Our pastor said it from the pulpit one time,
"Tyler _____________ walks in God's favor."
And he was totally right.
(I mean, he's got me.... ;-)

He gets green lights.
If we order the same thing at a restaurant, his will be good; mine? eh, not so much.
He has been stopped by the police more times than I have,
but he's never gotten a single ticket,
no matter the offense,
(I, on the other hand, have gotten a ticket every.single.time.)

And when he needs a new vehicle,
God always provides a good one, for a great price.

Both of his vehicles
(we've gotten to the stage where neither are very reliable, so he had to have 2,
in hopes of having 1 working one...)
are in bad shape, barely limping along.
Needing more work than they're worth...
So, about a month ago, he finally started looking for something newer.
(they were both '92s)
On Saturday, he found a 2011 Sonata (he'd actually only been looking for as new as 2008) for a good price.
It was in NWA, so he asked T if he might be able to take a look at it.
The seller hadn't planned on showing it to anybody 'til Monday (and that's what he told all of his other callers)
but he let T look at it on Sunday.
TJ felt like it was a really good deal, so Tyler decided to go for it.
And last night, we made a quick run to F'ville,
to purchase his sweet new ride.

2011 Hyundai Sonata

He said it's a little out of his league, what with the fancy bluetooth.
(and a windshield that he can actually see out of)
Isn't it just like God
to provide him with a car even better than what he was looking for?
and for less than the Kelly Blue Book price?!


  1. That's wonderful, I hope you both enjoy it! And just maybe you will also find areas of your life where you see God's favour more and more too.

  2. that is just fabulous!! and a sweet ride too! very nice!


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