Monday, March 17, 2014


That there picture was taken right out my (dirty) kitchen window!
Right before I ran out brandishing a broom. 
(not my good one, of course)
I'm still not sure if I'm glad the blasted coyote ran off when he heard me coming or not.
I mean,
I really wanted to hit him!
But I wasn't too thrilled with the thought he might just snatch my broom
and come after me.
Fortunately, my chicken survived his attack
with just the loss of a bunch of fluffy butt feathers.
Friday was supposed to be date night,
but we had to cancel due to sickness in the ranks.

Poor Lex' is our most recently fallen.
I am really hoping I don't get sick, 'cause it's my week with Gramma.
Every day, there is more and more green outside,
and lots of ground-flowers are blooming.
It's been a long winter.

I'm going to have to get Tyler's quilt finished up pretty quick-like;
it's going to be too hot to work under it before ya know it.
Speaking of quilts ~ I got my new book Saturday, and started reading it yesterday.
I like it every bit as much as I expected I would.
It's not exactly going to be a quick project though.
And I really sort of wanted a quick project 
for when I finish this one.
We have been averaging 1 1/2 dozen eggs a day.
During the winter!
I calculated that if we had sold, for $2.50 a doz, 
all the eggs we've given away in the past few weeks,
 it would have paid for the feed.
(I'm not entirely sure what to do with that.)
That man I married?
I like him a lot.


  1. can you shoot coyotes? bet you can! those eggs are soo good. had forgotten how rich in flavor home grown chicken eggs are!
    poor lexi, hope she's better!
    yep, we can tell you like that guy! we're glad!
    love to all,

  2. Joel Salatin says its best to be ignorant on things like that ;-) but I do need to practice my shooting...


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