Saturday, March 8, 2014

so long {sniff}

We're ball-parking it at 9-12 years ago,
 but none of us can really remember when we bought it.
Only that it was much loved,
and it came from Kohl's,
and for a flannel shirt, was kinda expensive, (though, of course, on sale)
but it was sooo soft, that it was worth it.

That shirt quickly became Tyler's favorite.
And I've been known to wear it on more than one many occasions.
(In fact, I was the one that got a little bit of yellow paint on it when we built the  kid's kitchen
when I was hugely pregnant with Lex'.
I always felt bad about that. Sorry, Hon'.)

When Luke and Lana got married,
Tyler and I spent hours looking for a comparable flannel shirt for Luke, for Lana to steal.
We finally settled on one,
but it wasn't as soft and comfortable as Tyler's.

I patched it a time or two,

but time and over-use had its way with it
and today, it went rather unceremoniously into the trash.

brand-new, almost...

Goodbye shirt. 
Thanks for the memories.


  1. did you save a square for a quilt????

  2. I feel the tears.... I like the brand new.. almost It does look pretty good from the trash view now that you said that. I would have asked the same question, Tony. is it too late to salvage a square?
    love you.

  3. :( always hard to give up something super perfect and comfy!!I have a couple of shirts that belong right there with it! I am suprised you did not keep a square or two tho...


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