Sunday, December 14, 2008

God's provision

“I have sort of an odd question.
Is there, by any chance, a metallic primer of some sort
that one could use to make a surface that magnets would stick to?”
I timidly asked the lady at Lowe’s, fully expecting to be laughed at.
I am famous for coming up with a need
for products
that do not exist.
When I told Tyler it would be really neat if there was such a thing,
he agreed it’d be cool
but he certainly didn’t think it existed.
We’re making a
- Shhh -
k i t c h e n
for the kids for Christmas.
When I had the idea
(I am also famous for coming up with ‘easy’ things for Tyler to do
It’s a compliment, really, I think he can make anything.
It‘s probably not the kind of compliment he appreciates, though…)

I sorta thought we’d begin building several weeks before Christmas.
I had no clue Tyler would be working major overtime
and we’d barely see him
the entire month of December.
We started on the kitchen yesterday.
As in
I bought supplies while Tyler was working
and we drew out the pattern on the wood late last night.
Turns out
there is such a thing as a metallic primer that attracts magnets
called - ironically enough - metallic primer.
It’s kinda pricey at $20.77 a quart
but it would be so cool for the kids to play
with alphabet magnets on their fridge… so we splurged on it.
Tyler had decided not to go to work today
So we were going to get as much done on the kitchen
as we possibly could.
Which is where God’s provision comes in again
(I consider the fact that metallic primer even exists
to be His provision, too :-)
I’ll occasionally hear or read
of God almost miraculously providing for people.
They find insanely good deals.
And I moan, “why not me? my family?”
Well, today, He provided for us.
Beautiful weather.
A sixty degree day, smack in the middle of December,
just so we could work on our little project.
How cool is that??
We commented several times
about what a blessing the nice weather was.
We were all amazed at just how much progress we made.
(granted, we did work all afternoon & evening, but still…)
The icing on the cake came when we finally called it quits.
It was after 7 o'clock.
We were hungry and worn out.
Ordinarily, we might have left our mess for later
we knew the weather was going to be turning nasty tomorrow.
As in
nearly freezing
with rain.
So we had to go ahead and clean up everything.
It is, after all, December
and we could expect it to stay cold and yucky indefinitely.
Trips to the shop and burn pile in the dark
seemed preferable to trips in freezing rain....
Tony got dinner on the table for us
and came out to help with the last of the pick-up.
We came in the house
washed hands
and sat down to eat.
We had served up the chili, but hadn’t even prayed yet.
3 minutes max from the time we closed the door.
Tyler said, “Quiet, everyone. Listen”
and so we did.
And we heard
Tears filled my eyes.
God does provide ‘like that’ for my family!
But He does it in the ways that we need.
We don’t necessarily need 50 cent a pound strawberries
(although we would certainly enjoy them)
But today, we really needed to make a major dent in our project;
Tyler may not have another day off before Christmas.
We could have done it in cold,
but it would have been miserable.
God cared enough to send us one lovely day
- the one day that Tyler could be home -
so that we could make something special for our kids
and He even held off the rain
until we were completely finished for the day.
Thank-you Lord, for your provision.
Forgive me for doubting your care.


  1. Oh I had a chuckle about this one. Isn't it great when God works things out for us? We actually bought the primer and used it in the boys room a few years ago on their closet door. Told them this was the ONLY place they could put stuff (not on the walls). Glad you had a wonderful day to get a few things done. We finally got our tree up, but little else. I'm slowly getting there... Can't wait to see pictures!


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