Monday, December 15, 2008


I finished it!
For my first real quilt,
I'm pretty happy with it.
I used this gal's tutorials - which are excellent, I thought!
I figure it took me somewhere between
15 and 17 hours all together.
Never mind how much money....
but I do have a fancy new walking foot for my sewing machine :-)
I really had no business working on a baby quilt
when the little girl currently in-house
still needs more diapers
and I have plenty of Christmas prep to keep my busy
but I just couldn't help myself.
I was a bit nervous when I stuck it in the washer
but all the 'experts' had told me
'nobody prewashes anymore'
I went ahead and threw some salt and a color catcher in
for good measure
Now all I need is a snuggly little baby girl to go with it!
and a diaper bag.....


  1. I have always wanted to quilt. I love yours. I think you've inspired me to get mine started.

  2. Oh love the quilt! Makes me want to get Claire's out and finish it - some 10 years after I started it. Great job!

  3. so cute!
    I had a weird dream: you had a little boy (after 2 minutes of labor in the dining room) and he was the cutest thing (for one so recently born), he had clear skin and a tiny bit of dark hair, and dark eyes, and he laughed at everything, and he reached for me to hold him. The dream only went until he was a couple hours old, but in that time he didn't cry a single time, he only laughed.
    The weird thing was how unrealistic it was - the labor was two mintues max, Daddy didn't even know you were HAVING the baby yet, we were all perfectly calm and the baby was clean - it's not like I've never seen a baby born :)

  4. wasn't the thing you made for TJ a few years ago a real quilt?

  5. it was a lame (ignorant) attempt at a quilt. but yes - I did sew some squares together....

    this one - I actually knew, at least somewhat, thanks to good tutorials - what I was doing.

    interesting dream ~ I could handle a 2 minute labor :-)


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