Tuesday, December 2, 2008


How has it been five years?
This is one of my favorite pictures of Jeremiah's first days.
I suppose it would drive a photographer nuts
I am not photographer
I am a mom.
We waited so long for this little guy.
I suppose its fitting that he should be the one
with a December birthday.
We don't really have much of a story for the day he was born;
that's often how it is with a c-section.
You set the alarm
get up early
hurry to the hospital
so you can wait around a few hours.
They wheel you into a freezing cold room
shoot some stuff in your back
put a slit in your belly
wiggle you around
and pull out a baby.
five short years later,
you have the makings of a fine little man.
We had a wonderful day today
just enjoying the birthday boy and the blessing
he is to our family!

His favorite gift was from his big brothers;
a chocolate lover like his momma,
the best part of his day was
eating hot fudge cake.
You'd think it would have been
the 2 hours we spent at Chuck e Cheese's
or having his big kids (TJ, Luke & Lana) all here.
Opening presents ranked pretty high,
but the birthday dessert
it was the icing on the cake
for him!
you are such a treasure!
You have grown so much these past few months;
Momma & Daddy are so very proud of you!
You are able to change your attitude in the blink of an eye.
Momma still can't do that one!
You have begun to 'take initiative' on a daily basis
(you can't always remember what it's called,
but you choose to look for ways you can help out)
You are such a good big brother to Lily -
just today, she had a bit of sucker around her mouth
and you wondered,
"What is that red on precious Lily's sweet little face?"
What a good protector you are!
Your memory is incredible!
You often amaze us with the things you remember.
you love the cold.
Most days, you get dressed in a tank top and shorts.
I'll ask, "don't you need to put on something warmer?"
and you'll say,
"I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine"

Yep, you sure are!

Oh, and did I mention
your Pop
is your very favoritist person on earth

Thank-you, Lord
for the precious gift you have given us.
Guide us
as we guide him.


Happy 5th Birthday, Jeremiah!


  1. happy birthday Jeremiah!

    tracy, i know exactly how you feel!
    they grow up way too quickly!!

  2. Happy Birthday! What excitement! How did he get so big??

    (His little cousin in Latvia is counting the days until her 5th!)

    Thinking of you fondly!
    Aunt K and Uncle N

  3. I love that photo! I can see why it is your favorite. The light is so pretty and just perfect. Hugs, Jen


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