Wednesday, December 31, 2008

resolutions and gifts

I’m not really one to make ‘new year’s resolutions’
‘cause I’m not one to keep them.
But as I was rushing around today
- as usual -
I thought
I just want to be able to be still.
It seems that this year
more so than others
has just been so very busy;
we’ve rushed from one thing to the next
not having time to do things quite the way I’d like.
Always rushing.
Seeing things that need changing
but somehow
not finding the time to figure out a plan to actually make changes.
And always
no matter how much time we spend cleaning
the house is a mess.
Not one of those “oh, I’m sorry the house is a wreck” messes
and one is left wondering where exactly this mess is.
a mess.
I don’t like living this way.
Then I realized
I will be spending several hours a day
in the very near future
being still.
Sitting and nursing our precious new baby.
How good is God?!
Nine months ago
He knew I would be at my breaking point
and so He sent me a gift
to be opened at just the right time.
I just love presents!
‘specially soft cute cuddly ones!

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