Wednesday, December 10, 2008

dropped perfectionist

I think we may have another perfectionist on our hands.
My doctor wanted to run a strip on the girl this morning
just to make sure things were still looking ok.
The little stinker was all about passing her test!
As soon as they put that belt on she started kicking and rolling
and didn’t stop until they unhooked everything.
Then she went back to her barely mobile self.
Course I can understand her lack of movement,
she’s probably plumb tuckered out
from using up a 2-day quota of moves in all of 30 minutes.
I was working on a little Christmas present while on the machine.
After I’d done all I could on it
(yudonknow doya?)
I just prayed and listened to my baby galloping around.
I thought it was rather interesting.
I had lots of Braxton-hicks
(which did not register on the Baby Doppler)
When one would start
Baby’s heart rate would get super fast, then it would slow dramatically
I mean really slow
when my uterus relaxed
her heartbeat would return to normal.
It made me realize
how amazing it is to get to play just a tiny role
in the miracle of new life.
Needless to say
Our sweetie aced her test;
When Dr Lukasek looked at her strip
she pronounced it ‘Beautiful!’
That’s one of the many reasons I appreciate her.
I mean
how many doctors would use that adjective?
Certainly no other doc I’ve ever had!
Little Bit has also dropped.
We’re talking low
I can spread my hand out below my chest
(and those ladies aren’t quite where they used to be!)
and still barely touch her.
My babies don’t normally drop
quite so early.
Although I have a hard time thinking this laid back little baby
might decide to show herself early,
we still need to be prepared for the possibility.
We’re definitely grounded to town.
Its kind of nice
to have such a good excuse for not being able to go anywhere.


  1. "The little stinker was all about passing her test!"
    At least you can not possibly blame big sister the first.

  2. P.S. is it really called the baby doppler?

  3. yep - really is called 'baby doppler' leastwise that's what it said right on the machine......


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