Sunday, December 28, 2008

my genius husband

we were in the middle of another building project
- shelves, this time -
(it's almost sad how proficient we have become at shelf-building)
and Tyler decided to get the soup warming up for dinner.
Slave-driver that I am,
he figured if he waited for me to get it warming
it'd be several hours still before we ate...
I asked he'd turned the burner on good & low.
Didn't want to risk a pot of 'smokey' Turkey Noodle Soup
(with the turkey, this time - sorry guys!)
He said
"I put it on 7."
is as high as the stove goes!
Needless to say
I flew to the kitchen
where I found
that he had brilliantly
fashioned a double boiler
in which to heat up the soup
In all my years of cooking
it has never once occurred to me
to heat up a thick soup this way.
Pure genius, I tell ya!


  1. That IS brilliant!
    I've taken to re-warming soup in the microwave because of the high risk of burning it.

  2. What a great idea! The only thing I really want to see is you FLYING to the kitchen! Dave would never have thought of this - microwave all the way for him - he burns water.


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