Friday, January 2, 2009

recent projects

A fun blanket!
This just seemed appropriate for a baby girl
with lots of brothers
It took a surprisingly long time!
About 5 hours, I think.
I got the idea from here
but I did mine a bit differently.
I had only about 1/4 - 1/3 inch between stitches
and she had an inch.
I worked from the back side of the blanket
'cause after I'd done a few feet
I realized that with this particular yarn
it looked much better on the back than the front.
So I ripped out what I'd done & started over.
I also used an embroidery needle to poke the holes
before attempting to stick the crochet hook through.
Maybe I'm just a big wimp
but I needed those pre-poked holes!
the diaper bag!
I'm pretty pleased with it.
I need lots more practice on my stippling,
but its not too shabby for my first attempt.
The basic shape of the bag came from this.

a few more socks for the Pie
Lana makes most of her socks for me
but she doesn't have white yarn
and the beaded socks aren't her preference to make...
I need to make a few pairs for Baby, too...

some spit rags
(aka burp cloths)
'cause it's much nicer to spit up on something pretty
don't you think?

I bought 1/2 yard each of 2 flannels.
I would have just cut them into 4 strips, roughly 11 inches each
but I wanted to make a couple for Lily for her doll, too
so I only made these about 9 inches wide.
I may have to make another set;
Tony found some really cute fabric for the blanket he's making....
One of the drawbacks
to using your dining room table
for sewing and such:
you may hear your threee-year old exclaim
"Fabric was in my food!"

Of course
we can't forget the kitchen!
We finished it with 2 days to spare.
Brandon & Tony were a huge help!!
thanks, guys!!!

Jeremiah & Josiah
when we uncovered their 'shelves'
Lily was still sleeping.....
then there are the shelves for our bedroom
which I haven't managed to get organized yet....


Maybe it's no wonder our house is always a wreck

I still have several things I'd like to accomplish
in the next couple of weeks.

It could happen.


  1. nice work 'lil momma! :D

  2. I love the kitchen!! You guys did a great job. Jody

  3. I love the blanket and the kitchen! Super job! I'm sure the kids are enjoying their new kitchen! Did get to see you this morning. Are you nesting yet? Will be thinking of you these next two week. Please call if you need something! Don't worry about the "mess" remember you live there 24/7. It's going to look lived in!


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