Monday, January 19, 2009

stippling & such

Darinda asked me to share what I’d learned about stippling.
I figured, rather than e-mail the info to her
I’d deviate from my normal scrapbook blogging and post it here,
just in case anyone else is interested....

First off
I’m no expert.
I’m not even good.
I’m just a beginner…..

Go here and watch the video.
Several times.
Read her post, too, a few times
but definitely watch the video several times.
Watching some other videos might be helpful, too.
Maybe try a youtube search.
I think just doing some internet searches
and finding a look that appeals to you
(everyone stipples differently)
would be good.
And then practice some more!!!
Not everyone uses quilting gloves,
but I found them to be very helpful.
I got a pair from Hobby Lobby for just $3.50
(and that was full price - cheapest quilting supply you‘ll ever buy!)
Your machine needs to go fast
but your hands need to move the fabric slowly.
That right there was probably the biggest ‘ah-ha’ for me.
When I slowed my movements, my stippling improved tremendously.
they say that if you are tense, it shows up in your work.
Can’t speak to this one,
although Tyler says
there’s a pretty good chance I’m a bit tense even if I think I’m not…..
Some people say to ‘doodle’ stippling.
Theory being
once you’ve drawn it, it’ll be easier to sew it.
I didn’t try this one
as I knew it would only discourage me
since I can barely draw a stick person
I also purchased a ‘hopping foot’.
It certainly isn’t a necessity
but I feel like it helped me keep my stiches fairly even.
I have always enjoyed taking a rectangle of fabric
and turning it into something else,
so it's really no wonder I like quilt making
(not to mention the 'cozy' of the quilt itself)
I love the look of stippling;
I can't say its my favorite part of quilting, though.
At least it isn't yet....
I really enjoy hand sewing the binding.
go figure
I lost track of how long I spent on the quilt
what with all the trips to the sewing machine shop
spending long hours with my seam ripper
and exchanging rotten thread & whatnot
Except for about 3 1/2 more hours on the binding
it’s finished!
I expect I’m finished with quilting for a little while…..


  1. Tracy,thank you so when I find the time I hope mine comes out half as good as yours.

  2. Ren ~ I practiced a TON before I actually started on the quilt! I did the diaper bag, potholders for the kids' kitchen, a 45x45 'practice quilt' (Christmas clearance fabric - not pieced, but sandwiched with the batting), a changing pad & then, for good measure - another small 'sandwich'.

    I'm sure yours will look wonderful!!


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