Friday, June 13, 2008

little shoes and lotsa links

I've had a couple people ask about my shoes
not my shoes
the shoes I make
I was introduced to making-your-own baby shoes
by my blogger friend Lindsey
after following a Frugal Friday link on Crystal's blog.
Needless to say
I was immediately hooked!
Being too cheap to actually buy a pattern
I use the free pattern I found here.
Here's another pattern, too, slightly different shape.
This site has lots of helpful information
and tells how to resize your pattern
(which isn't an exact science, by the way!)
I actually haven't made as many shoes as I would have thought
I'm sure
because I've been up to my eyebrows in wedding plans
for quite some time.
But also
I'm (sniff) just not very good at it.
Most of the gals I found make really cute shoes in an hour
takes me at least 2 hours per pair
always mess up
(now - diapers - I can make a diaper in an hour!!)
but I do love
to have my little sweeties
in soft, cute shoes
that cost pennies to make!
maybe I'll just go whip up a pair right now....

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